To keep your jewelry looking lovely, please follow these care tips…
Do not let your jewelry come into contact with nail polish removers, perfume or hairspray.

We recommend putting your jewelry on last when getting ready, as direct exposure to hair-styling products and perfume will often damage the metal and gemstones.

Remember to remove your jewelry when showering, swimming in chlorinated, thermal or salt water.

Also, avoid wearing silver while exercising as this will cause sweat and other toxins, which can contribute to tarnish.

After each use gently wipe make-up and skin oils off your jewelry with a dry soft cloth.

Store your clean, dry jewelry in a sealed zip bag or airtight container.
Don’t leave your jewelry sitting on your dresser or in the bathroom for days.

U’i Jewelry is composed of a variety of chains and findings like sterling silver, gold fill / rose gold fill, brass, bronze, silver / gold plating, or any combination of these metals.  Follow cleaning instructions for the metal type you purchased.

Tarnish is not a sign of poor metal quality or a product defect; it is a result of exposure to elements.  Metals naturally oxidize over time and develop a normal patina from wear, which is not a product defect.  Over time, it will eventually wear away despite your best attempts to preserve it.  Plating is mutable and will tarnish: this is not a bad thing and in fact can be quite lovely.

After each use, lightly wipe with a soft cloth to gently restore shine.  Do not polish plated jewelry often - the more you polish, the more the plating is worn away.

Use a mild dishwashing liquid diluted in water.  If a cleaning substance is too strong, it may remove the gold or silver plating.  Paste or strong jewelry cleaner is not recommended for this type of metal.

After each wear, remove dirt and tarnish by cleaning with a polishing cloth – Do not use polishing cloth on plated material.

Clean your jewelry occasionally using luke warm water and mild soap, then gently dry with a soft cloth.
If you have any questions regarding repairing, polishing or restoring your jewelry, please contact us at

Mahalo xoxo Kari ♥