Do you have a physical store or sell local in stores?
Not at this time but possibly in the future.

Do you offer local pickup and can I come to your studio and shop?
Everything we make is made to order.  Currently our studio is set up for production only and generally we don’t have stock on hand and available for viewing.

When will my order ship?
All items are handcrafted and made to order in Maui, Hawaii and take about 1 to 3 business days to make. Please know that this does NOT include weekends or holidays. we do have current information on processing times in our shop announcement. Click on the read more link in the announcement section of our store for up to date turnaround times.

Will I receive an email when my order ships?
Yes, you will receive an email when your item has been shipped and you may track your package via your invoice.

Can I return or exchange my items?
Yes, as long as it’s not a custom order, sale item, personalized item, altered item, used/worn item, you may return it. Please see detailed return policies under the refund policy section.

How do I clean my jewelry?
Use a non-abrasive cleaning material like a mild dish washing liquid diluted in water. Use a polishing cloth to restore the shine after washing. Paste or strong jeweler cleaner is not recommended for plated metal as it may remove the plated silver or gold. Do not let your jewelry come into contact with nail polish removers, perfume or hairspray.

How do I store my jewelry?
To ensure that your jewelry stays bright, keep it in an airtight container or a sealed bag like Ziploc. After each use quickly give it a clean with a dry cloth before placing into airtight bag or container. We recommend putting your jewelry on last when getting ready, as direct exposure to hair-styling products and perfume will often also damage the metal and gemstones. Do NOT use jewelry when swimming in chlorinated, thermal or salt water OR when showering. Also avoid wearing silver while exercising as this will cause sweat and other toxins, which can contribute to tarnish.

Can I leave personalization details?
Yes!  Once an item(s) is in your cart, you can leave a message in the “Add a note to seller” box with every bit of information you can think of.  We read all our customers notes and will contact you if we have any questions or concerns.

What kind of personalization details should I Include in the “add a note to seller” box?
Each piece will have different personalization instructions.  Be sure to check the listing description under the section "how to order".  This will tell you all the information that we need to process your personalized piece.  The most common forgotten detail is if you want your inscription in ALL CAPS, Title Case, or all lowercase (if applicable).

Can I customize my order and how long will it take?
Yes, we welcome custom and special orders. Most custom orders are made within 3-5 business days. All custom and special orders require payment prior to creation. Custom and special orders are non-refundable, non-returnable and non-exchangeable.

Will the letters on my personalized pieces be perfect and straight?
Keep in mind that personalized designs are created custom, just for you by using the art of hand-stamping.  Each letter is set one at a time by hand, not machine, and set with a hammer against a steel bench block.  This means lines won’t be perfectly straight and in my opinion, that creates a jewelry piece that has its own character, uniqueness and beauty.  Our intention is to provide you a well-made, hand crafted, quality piece without a perfect commercial look.

Do you offer wholesale?
Sorry, we don't offer wholesale. we love working with our customers, one on one and like to keep our pieces in house and from Hawaii.

Can I purchase an item and send it as a gift?
Absolutely!!! If you would like to purchase an item for a friend or as a gift, be sure to provide the address in which to send the item to during check out.

What kind of material and metal do you use?
We use a variety of metal and material and specify what type is used in the listing description.  Please refer to the listing description for specific details.

What’s the difference between Gold Filled vs. Gold Plated?
The difference with the gold plated versus the gold filled is definitely price but gold filled is an actual layer of gold-pressure bonded to another metal. Gold filled is more valuable and tarnish resistant. It doesn't flake off, rub off or turn colors. Gold filled jewelry is an economical alternative to solid gold. Gold-plated jewelry has less gold and goes through a different manufacturing process than gold-filled jewelry. You definitely pay a higher price for gold filled.

What’s the difference between Sterling vs. Plated?
Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver, which is why it is so much more expensive than plated items. Sterling silver can be melted and the pure silver recovered rather inexpensively. Silver plate is the process of bonding an extremely thin layer (measured in microns) of silver to a base metal; most commonly used are copper, brass, white metal, or nickel. This layer of silver is so thin and nearly impossible to recover from the item without expensive means, and is not worth the cost of recovery due to the small amount of silver that can be recovered.

Does sterling silver tarnish? 
Yes, it does over time.  Sterling Silver by definition is .925 silver. It is a great silver option for those who don't wear gold. Sterling silver will tarnish from oxidation but with the proper care and cleaning can be brought back to a shine.

Do you have any coupon codes or sales?
We do!  Sign up for our newsletter and know all about pre-sales, discount codes and sales.