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Lono Mauka (low no mow kah) - Legendary Fire Guardian

These lava earrings were inspired by our island goddess, Pele**. These minimalist earrings make for a classic piece of diffuser jewelry. Just add one or two drops directly on the lava stone and allow it to soak in. The fragrance will last for several days and you can reapply as needed.

**The island of Hawaii, also referred to as the "Big Island", is the largest island in our chain. The island continues to grow every year because of Kīlauea's volcano that has been erupting since 1983. Pele is our goddess of volcanoes, lightening, wind and fire. There are many legends of Pele and the old ancient Hawaii with Pele's home at Halema'umau' crater in the summit of Kīlauea. Lava is the oldest and most abundant stone in the world and has been used by countless cultures.
Forged in the fiery depths of the earth, it is heralded for its amazing grounding and calming properties making it the perfect pairing for essential oil jewelry.

You can customize these simple earrings to suit your personal style and budget with your choice of sterling silver, 14k gold filled, gold plated, or silver-plated material.

- Earring Length: 1.25" (including ear wires)
- Lava Bead Size: approximately 8-10mm
- Metal Choices: 100% 14k Gold Filled, Sterling Silver, Gold Plated or Silver Plated (ear wires used on plated earrings are nickel free, lead free, hypo allergenic)

The black earrings are also available on kidney wires, a longer version, here.

U N I Q U E - L I K E - Y O U ♥
As with all handmade jewelry, there will be slight variations in color, size, and shape as each stone earring is individually handcrafted and designed. This stone jewelry is free formed, so no two pieces are identical, and the shape may vary from the one pictured. Every lava bead is different, and each has its own unique combination of pattern and color that can vary.

♥ Handmade on Maui with love and aloha ~ xoxo, Kari

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